Liability Claims

With a full appreciation of the highly technical nature of these claims, we provide a wide range of services from advice on internal processes and procedures, to handling claims from notification to conclusion. We focus on the early identification of liability and pro-active handling techniques that will minimise the lifespan of claims. We have a wide range of experience dealing with all liability claims from straightforward slip & trip claims, to complicated asbestos exposure claims. This includes large volume product defect programmes and multiple claimant, single incident events. Clients are also able to utilise our online system for notification recording and document collation.

Our individual service elements encompass:

  • Employers Liability Personal Injury
  • Employers Liability Short and Long Tail Disease
  • Public Liability Property Damage
  • Public Liability Personal Injury
  • Products Liability

Our Approach

Through helping our clients to re-engineer their internal processes, we ensure that each element of the process is efficient and supports each other, devising tailored strategies around fraud identification, rehabilitation and the ultimate elimination of leakage through improved process and procedures. Our service also encompasses third party cost negotiation involving the scrutiny and reduction of excessive fees.

Additionally, we aim to assist in the education of your wider business through road shows and seminars that help clarify what can have a positive impact and the role that all parts of the business can play in ensuring that legitimate claims are handled efficiently and effectively.

Where appropriate we can assist in the creation of innovative settlement solutions for public liability and product claims such as the use of vouchers or replacement products which can contribute to an overall reduction in the cost of indemnifying claimants.

We will work with you to devise a claims strategy that will focus upon your own areas of priority. This can include agreeing specific handling protocols for high frequency incidents and identifying localised trends at a divisional or site level.

We are also able to offer post litigation services, to ensure that there is consistency in the process and a reduction the duplication of work.


We work with proven partners (or your chosen providers) to ensure that all associated aspects of the claim lifecycle are considered including:

  • External investigation / surveillance
  • Fraud investigation
  • Medical and vocational interventional / rehabilitation
  • Third party costs negotiation