Motor Claims

More than just a claims service

Acting for companies with fleet sizes ranging from 1,000 to 45,000 we have extensive experience in providing bespoke total motor claims management solutions, covering:

  • The initial re-design of the programme
  • Implementation
  • Consistent, high quality delivery

We can assist with every aspect of the claims procedure, including helping our clients with internal changes and initiatives. Our services range from First Notification of Loss through to complex, high value claims handling.

Pre & Post Litigation Services:

  • Motor Own Damage / Total Loss
  • Motor Third Party Property Damage
  • Motor Third Party Personal Injury
  • Motor Uninsured Loss Recovery / Corporate Personal Injury

Our Claims Handlers

The individuals handling your claims have the requisite skills, experience and qualifications to ensure that your claims receive the highest level of handling, with a focus on service delivery and achieving proven cost savings. We encourage a sense of ownership, providing the infrastructure, training and development to enable our teams to achieve their maximum potential, which results in the best service being provided to our clients.

Cost Savings

We see motor claims as an obvious area where most companies can benefit from cost control and see a reduction in indemnity spend. Through a re-engineering of the entire process or just making changes to specific areas, we believe that by utilising our experience and expertise we can help our clients achieve efficiencies in most areas within the motor claims process, resulting in overall cost savings.

Our Approach

We believe that the key to a successful motor account is to get all of the basics in place from the beginning and then constantly enforce and develop each different aspect on an on-going basis with our clients, to meet their changing business needs.

Our strategy is to coordinate and control every aspect of the claim to drive it forward to settlement, minimising cost/leakage and reducing claim lifespan. This includes supplier management, fraud identification and data provision. We offer demanding default targets through service level agreements and key performance indicators that can also be tailored to meet your specific requirements. We have a comprehensive case management and reserving practice as well as an internal audit programme to ensure that all claims are being handled to the highest standard.