Corporate Personal Injury

Looking after you and your employee

Many employees (vehicle occupants, and even family members) injured whilst driving at work will look to their employer to assist them.

We can:

  • Immediately look after your employee, and you, by addressing any questions they may have following the incident
  • Advise on the merits of any compensation claim should they wish to make one.

This is not a volume driven service as provided by many "claims companies/solicitors", but one where looking after your employee is paramount. We take the time to speak to them, explain what is and will happen, and be available to answer any questions at any time.

For you as the employer we can claim and return to you any salary paid to the injured employee whilst off work.


We do not chase or encourage claims to be made. You can determine how we offer this service to your employees, how and when we contact your employees, and who we act for.

Specialist Knowledge and Experience

Very experienced personal injury lawyers will act for your employees. They will look to deal with any claim as quickly as possible and minimise any stress or inconvenience whilst maximising the compensation due. Often we can obtain an early admission of liability in your uninsured loss recovery claim, providing early reassurance to your employee that their claim will be met. Our nationwide panel of medical experts can then arrange prompt treatment and examination to facilitate a prompt return to work, and minimise any disruption your business.